The Cheapest Furniture: Finds for the Frugal

by webmaster on January 23, 2013 · 2 comments

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As I noted in an earlier post, The Best Websites for Free Stuff,  there is a lot of free stuff you can find on the Web and on the street, including good furniture. In the same post I also suggested there are some things you may want to buy new, such as bedding or upholstery. Ikea is a good place to start for essentials.

Desk/table: Everyone needs a good desk or table. (The truly cheap among us will use a single item for both functions.) From Ikea you can get a basic table for $19.99 and a basic desk for $17.99.

Chairs: You can get basic, stackable chairs from Ikea for $9.99 each; you can get basic, stackable stools for even cheaper at $5.99 each. (If you insist on a swiveling computer chair, those come cheap at Ikea, too: here is one for $14.99.)

Beds and bedding: I consider bed frames something of a luxury and have never purchased one on my own, but if you insist on having one then you can find (again from Ikea) a small bed frame for $39.99 and a large one for $49.99. From American Freight you can get mattresses as cheap as $59.00; from Target you can get comforters as cheap as $13.99, mattress pads as cheap as $9.64, and sheet sets as cheap as $13.49.

Storage: You can get really cheap, stackable plastic bins from Uline. I buy no more storage units than are necessary; I hang nearly all of my clothes because clothes hangers are extremely cheap.

While skimping so much on furniture might seem excessively stingy, if you’re desperately seeking employment then it would be wise to take advantage of such good deals!

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