How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

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Did you know? Electricity rates can change during the day—sometimes by as much as 40 percent! So, by using energy-intensive appliances outside of “peak” hours for energy use, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bill!

Note that not all utility companies charge different rates for peak and off-peak hours. (The best way to find out if yours does is to simply call your utility company and ask.) Moreover, there is no standard, uniform definition for “peak” versus “off-peak” periods. In general, though, off-peak hours tend to be between the late evening hours to the early morning hours, weekends, and holidays.

Be mindful of when you use energy-intensive appliances, such as washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, electric cooking, and hot showers. Since the preference for hot showers is nearly universal, it’s a good idea to shower either in the very early morning or late at night. On a related note, I find nighttime showers to be more sensible. If you shower in the morning, then you’ll be dirty (and may need to shower again) if you do physical activity during the day, late afternoon, or evening. Furthermore, your bedding will be much cleaner if you go to sleep every night freshly washed, allowing you to save money on laundering.

Of course, some people believe that they can’t wake up without a shower in the morning, but I would encourage you to try nighttime showers for a week or so and see if you become accustomed to it.

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