How Do You Pronounce [Name]? A Pronunciation Guide

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Throughout my life, I have made more mistakes mispronouncing things than I wish to remember. We all have. In an interview, however, it would reflect very poorly on you to mispronounce a company or brand name. Fortunately, the National Library Service has a handy guide listing the proper pronunciation for a large number of well-known brands and companies. (Ah, so that’s how you pronounce Acer!) Below is just a small snippet from the alphabetical list.

Geico  (GĪ-kō) Auto insurance co.
Gelusil  (JEL-yoo-sil) Medicine
Genentech  (gi-NEN-tek) Biotechnology firm
Gennett  (jə-NET) 1920s record label
Gentlemen’s Knize Ten  (kə-NĒZ) Clothing brand
GEO Prizm  (JĒ-ō  PRIZ-əm) Car
GEOS  (JĒ-ōs) Computer term
Gerber  (GÛR-bər) Baby foods
Geritol  (JER-ə-tol) Vitamin supplement
Gerry Society  (GER-ē) Child welfare group
Gerry’s  (JER-ēz) N.Y. clothier
Gevalia Kaffe  (jə-VÄL-yə KÔF-ē) Coffee brand
Ghiradelli  (gēr-ə-DEL-ē) Chocolates


And that’s only a fraction of the names beginning with G—it’s a big list, but if you can’t find a company or brand on it, Google is always there for you, as is this website’s discussion forum.

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