Does My College’s Ranking Matter?

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Are you afraid that you’re losing out to graduates of high-ranking schools? Are you always wondering whether your alma mater actually matters? Unless it’s an Ivy (or other exceptionally high-ranking school) or university with well-placed alumni in your desired field (such as Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service for international affairs), your college’s ranking probably doesn’t matter that much. Experience and demonstrable skill sets are more important.

On the flipside, it may also matter if your degree is from a degree mill or even a for-profit, open admissions school, such as the University of Phoenix or DeVry University. It’s possible that some hiring managers may sour on applications listing these schools. In the end, though, nothing can be done about it unless you plan on attending another postgraduate school. Therefore, you’re better off focusing on things you can fix, such as your resume or cover letter

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