4 Easy Steps to Consolidate Your Employment History

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Remember the maxim “Apply Early and Apply Often”? Adhering to this maxim is much easier when you have an appropriate résumé and cover letter and your job history on hand at any time. To streamline the time-consuming job application process, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Get a free Dropbox account and upload all components of all of your past applications, including résumés, cover letters, writing samples, transcripts, etc. (I also copy and paste each job description in a text file for future reference.) You can arrange your past applications however you like; I prefer to make a new folder for each potential employer.
  2. Place a KeePass file (and a portable version of KeePass) with stored passwords in your Dropbox account. (This is useful because many employers—especially the largest ones—require you to create a user login to apply for their advertised positions.)
  3. Create an employment history document since some hiring platforms require you to enter a lengthy amount of past employment information. Save this file to your Dropbox account so that you can access it any place and at any time. (Clicking on the link above will download a handy Word document with a pre-made table to enter your past employment information. Simply copy and paste the table to add information about other past positions.)
  4. Keep in your primary email account a record of your job applications; to stay organized, create an email sub-folder titled “Job applications.”

When applying for new positions, you can now quickly and easily reference résumés, cover letters, writing samples, etc. for previous applications that may be well-suited for the new application. Therefore, your documents will already be tailored to the new position–all you need to do is swap the company name and the position title and you’ll be set!

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